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I accept Monero (XMR), Dogecoin (DOGE), itcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)
Currency QR code Address
Monero (XMR) QR code for Monero donations 42JW8pLqyCURkAMmiFp2HSg7p64zsFZzb9SUqwDqcKcii6xpN65eyBwjJm8wS6HLHLgRtZSauZmhWRvSjDGfmxK3PwJFruJ
Dogecoin (DOGE) QR code for Dogecoin donations DToYM1kumFdm8TRo3pR8Q2zmeNXpa8T6ZJ
Bitcoin (BTC) QR code for Bitcoin donations Zpub6y7zkZRYGpvQA2hTnK45AS5croGjJkyzf3UiY4Af5mmNnu5ZqxbbRHAdmPFcFH4bo1V42UmhQ45YZ9o3xtbVZqyLNQgyf3c2AMCVMMzuTqe
Ethereum (ETH) QR code for Ethereum donations 0x4ab0d7D3f98f3e481487be9283A593866E8Ea564

using LiberaPay

You can me by using my LiberaPay profile:

LiberaPay patron counter

other ways to

There currently are no ways to other than by crypto or with LiberaPay. In the future, I might open a PayPal account for this website, even though that is not for sure, since PayPal is non-free software.


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