mirk0dex's projects

I tryhard developing useful software aiming to be as minimalist and Suckless as possible (guess Cantina is an exception, haha).
All of my projects are Free as in Freedom, and usually Free as in Free Beer, too! Since I really appreciate what both the Free Software and Open Source communities have given me, I always try to contribute back as much as I can.
I love the GNU GPL and the WTFPL licenses and they're basically the only ones I use.
Please feel free to scroll down to check out some projects I am working/have worked on :).

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active projects

Actively developed projects
Name License Started Description Language Phase Repo Notes
Fediverse advertisement campaign Not applicable 2022 Sep 23 Read this blog post. Not applicable WIP (waiting for financial support) Not applicable High priority
LibreMiser GPL-3.0-or-later 2022 (Sep) Free/libre LV2 maximiser/maximizer plugin. LV2 (C, Turtle) Pre-alpha [NOT WORKING] Gitea High priority
Cantina GPL-3.0-or-later 2021 Sep 22 A shell script to create and manage archives. UNIX shell (Bash, not suckless) Pre-alpha [NOT WORKING] Gitea Is being rewritten in C (see this repo).
SONARiS GPL-3.0-or-later 2021 Oct 06 A script that lets you consoom SoundCloud from the terminal. POSIX UNIX shell with a Bash, not suckless deprecated version Stable Gitea The Bash version has been deprecated.
mirkodi.eu GPL-3.0-or-later, CC BY-ND 4.0 (blog), GFDL-1.3-or-later (man) 2021 Oct 09 Official mirk0dex's website. HTML, CSS with UNIX shell (Bash, not suckless) scripts Stable (translations unfinished) Gitea You are using it right now!
Libregrounds GPL-2.0-only 2021 Jun 03 A peer-to-peer wallpaper downloading service. UNIX shell (Bash, not suckless), Go for P2P technology Design GitLab, Gitea (mirror) Co-developed together with DactusTheCactus.
Social Credit Test Public domain (CC0-1.0) 2021 Nov 17 A bloated and idiot game that calculates your Social Credit. POSIX UNIX shell Stable Gitea It even has a wiki, lol.
Yet Another Music Player (YAMP) GPL-3.0-or-later 2021 Dec 05 Yet Another Music Player for Android. Minimal and suckless yet complete. C using Android NDK and Java JNI Design Gitea Only for Android.

historical projects

There, at the moment, are no old/unmaintained projects. Come back in a couple years!